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Entrepreneur. Mentor.

Simply a nineteen-year-old entrepreneur and mentor from Germany who chases his dreams with huge passion and wants to live a successful life.

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about me

I have always been a dissident and doer who realized that school does not prepare us for life. At least not for a life that I thought was worth living. Already at the age of thirteen I was interested in psychology, personality development and prosperity. At the age of fourteen, I worked for an American company in the healthcare sector and sold the company’s products in German-speaking countries. I learned how to sell from the best in this industry. Not at seminars, or in theory, but in practice. To internalize all these techniques, I wrote them all down and use them today in my own way. When I was sixteen, I led an international sales team with more than three thousand sales representatives for the first time and, together with them, achieved a turnover of more than one million euros. In 2018 I founded my first own company, Savergy. In the meantime, about fifty sales representatives work for my company and advise private and commercial customers on how they can reduce their energy costs.


Energy consulting

In March 2018 I founded Savergy. My team of almost 50 people and I advise private and commercial customers on all aspects of energy. Our goal is to reduce the energy costs of our customers as much as we can.


At the age of 14 I started to create my first own websites. Today I develop, together with my team, the online appearances of most diverse customers. For this we rely on our experience from our own projects.

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